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Press Release 12 September 2023

Mitie lands contract extensions at four UK airports

Mitie, the UK’s leading facilities management company, has extended its relationships with four UK airports. The three contracts will see Mitie colleagues deliver essential cleaning, waste, technical and security and baggage screening services across…

Press Release 15 August 2023

Mitie nets new contract extension with Arsenal FC

Arsenal Football Club, one of the world’s biggest professional football clubs, has renewed its security vetting contract with Mitie for a further five years. The contract extension will see Mitie continue to provide essential…

Press Release 20 July 2023

Phoenix Group consolidates IFM contracts with Mitie

Mitie has been awarded a new contract with Phoenix Group, the UK’s largest, long-term savings and retirement business, to deliver integrated facilities management services across the Phoenix Group estate. The new five-year, £62m contract…

Article 30 June 2023

The heat is on for solar sceptics

If you’ve noticed a recent escalation in anti-solar rhetoric, you’re not alone. A range of voices have questioned whether the UK should be championing the sometimes unpredictable form of energy generation. Here Mitie’s Energy…

Press Release 13 June 2023

Mitie charges ahead as 50% of fleet goes electric

Mitie announces it has reached a major milestone in its decarbonisation journey, having transitioned 50% of its fleet to electric vehicles (EVs). This EV deployment is part of Mitie’s wider Plan Zero pledge, which…

Press Release 1 June 2023

Mitie makes a splash with new Yorkshire Water contract

Mitie, the UK’s leading facilities management company, has been awarded a new contract with Yorkshire Water to deliver on-site grounds maintenance services for three years. Yorkshire Water is a major provider of essential water…

Article 22 May 2023

6 ways to reduce your organisation’s carbon footprint

With over half of the UK’s largest organisations committed to eliminating their carbon emissions by 2050*, there’s growing momentum to reduce our collective carbon footprint. The climate crisis, and the recognised impact of global…

Article 19 May 2023

How to protect your lone workers

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) defines lone workers as “those who work by themselves without close or direct supervision.” We typically think of roles like out-of-hours security guards, in industrial locations, and of…

Article 18 May 2023

What are the best office security systems?

In this article, we’ll explore the essentials in office security systems, and the latest innovations that can help your organisation deliver robust protection. The essentials in office security Specific office security requirements and priorities…

Article 15 May 2023

How to design the perfect workplace

Most of us will spend around a third of our adult lives at work – that’s an average of 35 hours a week, or about 90,000 hours over a lifetime. Our workplaces should be…

Article 9 May 2023

The future of work: Where IT meets facilities management

As facilities management becomes increasingly tech-led, discover the role IT teams will play in creating the built environments of tomorrow. Download our white paper We live in an age where data and digital technologies…

Article 4 May 2023

With decarbonisation, teamwork makes the dream work

Delivering an effective decarbonisation strategy requires coordination across every department. Here’s how to make that happen. As we explored in a recent conversation with Plan Zero Director at Mitie, Mike Sewell, the best net zero strategies…

Press Release 28 April 2023

Mitie Foundation celebrates 10th anniversary

The Mitie Foundation is celebrating its 10th anniversary, having spent the last decade supporting disadvantaged groups in overcoming barriers to employment. The Foundation also supports the communities in which Mitie colleagues live and work,…

Press Release 25 April 2023

Mitie extends security contract with DP World

DP World Southampton, the UK’s leading provider of smart logistics solutions has renewed its contract with Mitie, for a further two years. The contract extension will see Mitie continue to provide essential security services…

Article 21 April 2023

What does decarbonisation actually cost?

Decarbonisation is a competitive necessity – but what does it really cost? And what’s the best way to get started? We’ve got the answers. Let’s face it, despite the scientific case for net zero,…

Press Release 6 April 2023

Mitie acquires Linx International Group

Mitie, the UK’s leading security provider, is further developing its security intelligence offering through the acquisition of Linx International Group (Linx), a highly respected risk management consulting business which also provides technical and management…

Press Release 3 April 2023

Mitie stays on track with Eurostar extension

Mitie has renewed its contract with Eurostar, the high speed passenger rail service linking the UK and mainland Europe, extending its relationship for another three years. The contract will see Mitie provide security services…

Press Release 27 March 2023

Mitie’s stellar progress in ED&I secures Silver accreditation

Mitie has been awarded Silver Status by the Inclusive Employers Standard, an evidenced-based accreditation tool for inclusion and diversity, in recognition of its commitments to promote Equality Diversity and Inclusion (ED&I) across its business….

Article 17 March 2023

Four important lessons on the road to decarbonisation

Accelerating decarbonisation plans was the hot topic when representatives from the public and private sectors met with sustainability experts at our breakfast briefing. How can organisations successfully navigate the path to net zero? This…

Article 14 March 2023

FM’s role is key to delivering decarbonisation

With 60% of the UK’s large organisations now signed up to reach net zero, the race is most definitely on to adopt credible strategies and demonstrate progress on reducing emissions. However, the path is…

Article 14 March 2023

How to design your office for wellbeing

Many of us spend long hours at work, so it’s only right that the environment is responsive to our needs as human beings. When it comes to wellbeing, office design is central. If a workspace is…

Press Release 13 February 2023

Mitie soars to new heights with NATS contract

Mitie has secured a new five-year multimillion pound contract to deliver fully integrated facilities management services for NATS, with the option of extending for a further two years. NATS is the UK’s leading provider…

Article 13 February 2023

How the workplace revolution is changing FM

For many people, the complications and restrictions created because of the Covid-19 pandemic are a thing of the past. However, the conversation around working practices and employee needs is ongoing. FM professionals are finding…

Press Release 17 January 2023

Mitie celebrates five years as certified UK Top Employer

The 2023 Top Employers were revealed today with Mitie recognised as a UK Top Employer for the fifth year running – showcasing its dedication to creating a great place to work, by delivering excellent…

Article 14 December 2022

9 ways to reduce office waste

Now more than ever, people are aware of the need to behave more sustainably and reduce our negative impact on the environment and climate. You may have made changes already, like switching to a…

Article 13 December 2022

Throwing the book won’t start a new chapter

Mitie works with founder of the Unlocking Potential consultancy, Gethin Jones, to design prison services focused on rehabilitation. In this article, Gethin shares unique insight on helping offenders turn over a new leaf, and…

Press Release 2 December 2022

Mitie named Top 50 Inclusive UK Employer for fifth year running

Mitie has been named one of the UK’s top 50 most inclusive employers by Inclusive Companies for the fifth year running The announcement recognises Mitie’s initiatives to promote equality, diversity and inclusion across the…

Whitepaper 30 November 2022

Get ready for facilities transformation

How can FM leaders face the challenging headwinds of today’s business world head-on? In the Mitie Science of Service® white paper, we set out to highlight the most pressing issues in facilities management, and…

Article 16 November 2022

Jeffery’s story at Mitie

This is Jeffery Barr’s story, Cleaning Assistant at Mitie. Due to ill health, Jeffery had spent a lengthy period out of work. He discovered The Mitie Foundation’s Ready to Work programme, which prepared him…

Article 16 November 2022

Beth’s story at Mitie

This is Beth Eeley’s story, Contracts Administrator at Mitie. Beth needed a career change. One inspired by her passion for numbers but with the flexibility to work around her childcare duties. Through Mitie, she’s…

Article 16 November 2022

Elvedin’s story at Mitie

This is Elvedin Zdralovic’s story, Operations Manager at Mitie. After years working in security, Elvedin needed a new challenge. Since joining Mitie, he has completed a management apprenticeship and rapidly progressed to the role…

Article 16 November 2022

Marcus’s story at Mitie

This is Marcus Allen’s story, Cleaning Operative at Mitie. Marcus had struggled to find a role that was right for him for some time. With the help and support of The Mitie Foundation, and…

Article 16 November 2022

Darren’s story at Mitie

This is Darren Hobb’s story, Facilities Management Integration Manager at Mitie. Through Mitie, Darren completed a diploma in Facilities Management. Recognising his potential, we found him an opportunity to utilise his new skills and…

Article 16 November 2022

Shani’s story at Mitie

This is Shani Williamson’s story, Stores Person at Mitie. Shani wanted a career change but thought apprenticeships were just for school leavers, until she saw her ideal opportunity with Mitie. Having completed her apprenticeship,…

Article 4 November 2022

Webinar: Accelerate your pathway to net zero

Would you like to find out what leading organisations are doing to accelerate their path to net zero? Is your net zero strategy fully implemented and optimised? Do you want to explore how to…

Press Release 3 November 2022

Mitie welcomes 50 new apprentices

Mitie has welcomed 50 new apprentices to its workforce The new starters will undertake a range of programmes including engineering, fire and security, and project management Learning to provide essential green skills, Mitie’s new…

Article 21 October 2022

How can the latest technology keep our hospitals clean?

Consistently clean and hygienic hospitals are fundamental to the excellent care expected from the NHS and other healthcare providers.   As the risks to patients, visitors and staff of infection and cross-contamination is greater in…

Article 14 October 2022

How has technology reshaped office design?

In a business world where computers and modern technology have become ubiquitous, it’s sometimes hard to remember how different things used to be.   Technology has always played a major part in shaping office design…

Article 13 October 2022

Soft power is key to solid prisoner transformation

Over many years working with prisoners, I have never wavered from my belief in a restorative, rehabilitative culture. People may mutter about this being the soft approach, but I would argue to the contrary….

Article 11 October 2022

The importance of healthcare waste segregation

A huge part of hygiene and safety in healthcare settings lies in how clinical teams dispose of waste materials. The segregation of healthcare waste is an important part of this disposal process.  In this…

Article 7 October 2022

How to choose the right cleaning provider for your hospital

To maintain the highest standards of hygiene, many NHS Trusts and healthcare bodies outsource their duties to third-party healthcare cleaning companies. But there are many providers of hospital cleaning services in the marketplace, and…

Article 4 October 2022

Mitie NPS builds Momentum

This year, 2000 customers have been invited to take part in Mitie Net Promotor Score (NPS) programme, we are pleased to see that over 1200 customers have completed the survey. Our customer’s business is…

Article 3 October 2022

Mitie’s ESG targets are in the bag

Saving 40,000 plastic bin liners from landfill is just one example of Mitie’s ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) achievements. Our latest ESG Report details how Mitie has met or exceeded all 13 annual social…

Article 28 September 2022

What is the future of workplace design?

Over the last couple of years, the world of work has undergone its biggest change for a generation. Not since computers replaced typewriters has there been such a sudden shift in how we work….

Press Release 27 September 2022

Broadcaster extends facilities management contract with Mitie

The BBC has extended its facilities management contract with Mitie for a further two years 780 colleagues work on the contract, delivering a range of integrated FM services for the broadcaster’s sites including its…

Press Release 26 September 2022

Mitie backs Billion-pound challenge to procure with purpose

Mitie is supporting The Buy Social Corporate Challenge as part of a group of 30 major UK businesses which have spent a landmark £250 million procuring services and products from social enterprises. New figures…

Article 21 September 2022

The importance of hygiene in the workplace

How clean is your workplace? Who is responsible for keeping it clean? And have you considered the implications of an unsanitary workplace? Clean workplaces are often taken for granted, but it is a vital…

Article 14 September 2022

Why you might need a mobile security team

Businesses need to stay on the front foot when it comes to keeping their people, property and assets safe, especially from theft, damage, vandalism or other criminal activities. Robust protection must be balanced against…

Article 6 September 2022

What is the latest cleaning and hygiene technology?

When you think of how technology can be applied to support your business, cleaning might not be the first thing that springs to mind. But there are many innovations that are making a real…

Article 26 August 2022

Waste in lean manufacturing and how to reduce it

It wasn’t so long ago that the idea of lean manufacturing was the preserve of high-tech, forward-thinking factories in Japan. But in an age where manufacturers, all over the world, leave no stone unturned…

Article 22 August 2022

How can technology improve productivity?

Technology in the workplace can sometimes be a distraction, especially with a smartphone in every hand and social media a few clicks away. But modern technology is nothing if not versatile and there are…

Article 9 August 2022

How can robots revolutionise your office cleaning?

Increased innovation is leading to cleaning solutions that deliver maximum efficiency without compromising on the quality or finish. One of those technological innovations, the robotic cleaner, has become central to modern cleaning and hygiene…

Article 5 August 2022

Using technology to support a healthy work-life balance

While being available 24/7, and always on, is considered the norm for many working people, maintaining a healthy balance between work and home life is an ongoing challenge. Working late or at weekends to…

Article 31 July 2022

How Mitie uses technology to enhance workplaces

Work is a major part of most people’s lives, second only to our families in importance. The quality of our workplace makes a huge difference to our wellbeing and our productivity. So, does your…

Article 29 July 2022

Webinar: Are your people thriving with hybrid working?

Is your hybrid working strategy fully implemented and optimised? Is your workforce supportive of your approach, and feel that their needs have been addressed? Getting workplaces ready for a safe and productive return of…

Article 25 July 2022

How workspace design has changed post-Covid

When the Covid-19 pandemic appeared in early 2020, the everyday working lives of many people were turned upside down almost overnight. Working from home had been an occasional diversion for a few colleagues, but…

Article 21 July 2022

12 ways to save energy at work

If you have flown at night, you will have seen the cities below lit up like Christmas trees. It is a spectacular sight. On the other hand, it is also a stark reminder of…

Press Release 19 July 2022

Mitie secures £250m Sellafield contract

Mitie has been awarded a contract to deliver Sellafield’s new Integrated Asset Care (IAC) framework as a 50/50 partnership with Jacobs, under the OneAim joint venture The five year contract will be worth up…

Article 12 July 2022

Mitie’s CEO on the Science of Service

Discover how the Science of Service® is helping Mitie to re-write the rules of Facilities Management from our CEO Phil Bentley. Find out why it is changing the conversations we are having with our customers from short term savings…

Article 11 July 2022

The Science of Service in the words of our people

What learning is Facilities Management taking from the automotive industry? How is virtual reality equipping our engineers with the knowledge to deliver that all-important first-time fix? And how are Mitie reducing customer alarm incidents…

Article 27 June 2022

Can big data fast-track maintenance solutions?

Leveraging big data can significantly enhance facilities maintenance and engineering, reducing both time and workforce demands. How does it work? Buildings can produce a continuous stream of data from the components or equipment under…

Article 16 June 2022

IDNO vs DNO: What’s the difference?

When a new electricity supply is required for a development, the organisation who owns the cables in the area will need to be contacted to see if there is available capacity. This organisation is…

Article 16 June 2022

Building Network Operator (BNO) installations made easy

We like to make electrical connections simple. ‘Building Network Operator’ or BNO is a term often heard in relation to apartment or mixed-use developments. Cutting through the technical terminology and legal details can be…

Article 14 June 2022

How AI has reshaped engineering maintenance in FM

For many of us, the term artificial intelligence (AI) still conjures up images from science fiction, but the truth is AI has been a reality for years. It transforms our experience of high-traffic websites…

Article 8 June 2022

8 Ways Hospitals Stay Safe and Clean

Hospital patients are often medically and physically vulnerable, so it is especially important their environment is kept spotlessly clean and infection-free. Why Thorough Hospital Cleaning is so Important Without scrupulous hygiene and cleaning, bacteria…

Press Release 12 May 2022

Andy Burnham unveils Mitie’s new northern technology hub

Mitie has unveiled its new Technical Services Operations Centre (TSOC) in Wythenshawe, Greater Manchester, showcasing its cutting-edge workplace technology   Officially opened by Andy Burnham, Mayor of Greater Manchester, the TSOC is Mitie’s new Hub…

Article 11 May 2022

What is the link between FM and sustainability?

Pradyumna V. Pandit, MD of Sustainability and Energy Services at Mitie gives his insight on the link between FM and sustainability. “As a sector that is often working behind the scenes, World FM Day…

Article 4 May 2022

Mitie wins triple gold in the Green Impact competition

Our Mitie Communities colleagues has won three awards in this year’s NUS Green Impact competition for contributing to sustainability at University College London Hospital (UCLH). What is Green Impact? Green Impact is a United Nations award-winning programme designed to…

Article 26 April 2022

Mitie’s Innovation Forum

At Mitie, we aim to be at the very forefront of technology, pushing the boundaries of what technology can do to transform our business.  We strive to be the industry leader, deploying new and…

Article 25 April 2022

5 Questions to ask before starting your IoT/AI project

As the UK’s largest facilities management company, Mitie knows a thing or two about buildings and building infrastructure. We know the often significant, sometimes profound, difference an improvement to maintenance regimes, energy consumption, space…

Brochure 22 April 2022

Securing London: A Mitie Security Playbook

As the capital of England, and largest city in the country, London and its businesses face significant risks and threats every day, making it imperative that they stay on the front foot to protect…

Article 5 April 2022

A collaborative approach to reducing crime in UK ports

Mitie are proud to be part of ‘PortSafe’– a joint campaign from Crimestoppers and NaCTSO (National Counter Terrorism Security Office). PortSafe encourages collaboration between law enforcement, first responders, partner agencies and industry to support…

Whitepaper 29 March 2022

Are you ‘Protect Duty’ Prepared?

Protect Duty is a piece of new government legislation designed to provide better protection from terrorism for the British public, and is expected to come into force in 2023. The policy aims to create…

Article 10 March 2022

Mitie’s approach to Human Rights

At Mitie, our aim is simple: we work to deliver the exceptional, every day. We’re proud to employ 68,000 people across the country, and are committed to providing a rewarding, fair and sustainable working…

Press Release 1 February 2022

Mitie grows landscaping services with the acquisition of Biotecture

Mitie is growing its landscaping business with the acquisition of Biotecture, a leading specialist in ‘living walls’. Biotecture designs, builds and maintains sustainable vertical gardens, which transform indoor and outdoor urban spaces by improving air quality and biodiversity, while also enhancing workspace design

Press Release 6 December 2021

Mitie scoops three Retail Fraud Awards

Mitie has been named the winner in three categories at the Retail Fraud Awards. Mitie Security was also highly commended in three categories. The awards recognise Mitie’s work to promote collaboration in the security sector and its industry leading use of technology.

Article 25 November 2021

Mitie’s Plan Zero wins IWFM, Green Apple and Green Fleet awards

Mitie celebrates after winning numerous prestigious industry net zero and marketing awards. In recent weeks Mitie has been recognised for its ambitious and successful approach of our Plan Zero initiative. Finalists in 10 additional awards this year, with some yet to be announced, Plan Zero is proving to be a decarbonisation market leader. 

Brochure 11 November 2021

Mitie Cleaning & Hygiene Services: Solutions Overview

With a focus on excellence, innovation, and assurance, we are the largest cleaning provider in the UK, with over 25,000+ colleagues covering every corner of the country. Our comprehensive brochure gives you insight into…

Article 8 November 2021

Leveraging Microsoft Azure for the Modern Workplace

Building on our award-winning artificial intelligence (AI) which drives critical business decisions, in partnership with Microsoft, we continue to build on industry-leading technology to harness the technology for our clients.

Article 3 November 2021

Prad Pandit on helping businesses meet net zero with Mitie’s Plan Zero Consultancy

Global organisations have started taking meaningful action to achieve net zero, operational emission goals. We’re committed to achieving net zero across our operational emissions by 2025, and we publish our progress every year. Organisations can lead the way by acting decisively on operational emissions and encouraging suppliers to do the same. Mitie is leading by example, join us on our journey.

Press Release 22 October 2021

Mitie appoints Maria Winn as new Chief Marketing Officer

Mitie has announced the appointment of its new Chief Marketing Officer, Maria Winn Leading the Group Marketing Team, Maria will have responsibility for Mitie’s brand, propositions, digital, content and marketing operations Mitie, the UK’s…

Case study 21 October 2021

Delivering the NHS Nightingale Hospital North West

The NHS Nightingale Hospital North West showcases our unrivalled hard and soft FM healthcare services. In partnership with the British Army and EY, The Nightingale Manchester was one of seven emergency response field hospitals…

Article 15 September 2021

Energy prices: what a difference a year makes…

Twelve months ago the energy world and general economic outlook looked very different to what it does today. One thing hasn’t changed, though – as energy consumers we are exposed to a diverse and complicated set of conditions which have resulted in energy prices rising from historically very low levels to unprecedented highs.

Article 9 August 2021

Energy Markets Briefing note – Winter 21

Why we think gas prices can go up (and why we might be wrong) Global gas markets are in uncharted territory which is not surprising considering how tumultuous 2020 was for the world. The…

Article 21 July 2021

Mitie is using solar to help Essex schools cut their carbon 

Mitie Communities has worked with Essex County Council to manage the installation of roof mounted solar panels at 15 schools across the county. The new panels will help to significantly reduce carbon emissions and energy costs for the Council.

Report 6 July 2021

Social Value Report 2021

Mitie has launched its 2021 Social Value Report which outlines the excellent progress made across all areas of Mitie’s ESG Strategy.

Press Release 24 June 2021

Mitie and the University of Cambridge team-up to fight retail crime

Mitie has joined forces with the University of Cambridge’s Institute of Criminology, one of the world’s leading institutes in criminology, in a pioneering partnership to undertake research into retail crime, including theft and violence against shopworkers.

Press Release 24 June 2021

Mitie research finds FM is a natural career match for ex-military personnel

According to new research from Mitie, over two thirds (70%) of people who have served in the military and moved into facilities management reported that FM roles were a good match for the skills they developed in the forces, while more than three quarters (77%) said they would recommend the sector to other armed forces leavers.

Video 20 May 2021

Webinar: Biodiversity, the role of small green spaces

On 19 May 2021, Mitie hosted a biodiversity webinar alongside guests from the Wildlife Trust, Lloyds Banking Group, JLL, National Parks and Plantlife, the recording and presentation are available here.

Article 4 May 2021

How to maximise your outdoor space

Incorporating the outdoor space into to your return-to-work strategy provides new space to collaborate, exercise, and support the wellbeing of your staff.

Video 23 March 2021

Hybrid Mail

Mitie’s Hybrid Mail offers and helps businesses work more agile by giving them the ability to send mail out from the office, home or any other location with internet.

Article 12 February 2021

Cleaner air, safer workplaces

The pandemic has brought to the forefront just how important fresh air circulation and a healthy environment is to well-being and performance in the workplace. Good ventilation and the flow of fresh air reduces…

Article 11 February 2021

Shared goals

Why the results of a customer survey into client’s workplace requirements and strategies during 2020 will help FM providers and their clients meet their goals in 2021.

Press Release 11 February 2021

Mitie to kick start careers for 50 technical apprentices

Mitie has launched its new Technical Services Apprenticeship Programme, aimed at attracting and developing the next generation of engineers and ensuring it has the talent and expertise to continue supporting its customers for years to come.

Press Release 1 February 2021

Mitie Ireland receives the IBEC KeepWell Mark

Mitie Ireland has been awarded the Irish Business and Employers Confederation (IBEC) KeepWell Mark, becoming the first facilities management business to receive the certification.

Brochure 25 January 2021

Air Cargo Security

Air Cargo Security training is a mandatory requirement for many companies in the UK. Our in-house air cargo security experts are highly experienced and approved by the UK Department for Transport (DfT) to deliver…

Video 15 December 2020

Plan Zero – video

Mitie’s knowledge of customer estates, combined with our ability to execute a zero carbon strategy from assessment through to delivery is, we believe, unrivalled. We help organisations go further, faster, for less.

Article 9 December 2020

Mermaid Quay – Got the bottle campaign

Mermaid Quay is a waterfront shopping centre and leisure district located directly next to Cardiff bay upon the waterfront. Mitie’s Waste business provide waste collection services for Mermaid Quay through the Jones Lang Lasalle…

Brochure 20 November 2020

Mitie Foundation – Brochure

Established in 2013, the Foundation is a registered charity focussed on providing varied life opportunities for disadvantaged groups.We are passionate about breaking down barriers and helping a diverse range of participants who may have…

Article 18 November 2020

The future of fleets is electric

Today it was announced that the UK will ban sales of new petrol and diesel cars by 2030. The ban had been planned for 2040 but has been brought forward under Prime Minister Boris…

Press Release 9 November 2020

Mitie wins new contract with Bravissimo

Mitie has won a new three-year contract to provide maintenance and security services for Bravissimo, the lingerie and swimwear retailer.

Case study 20 October 2020

Card Factory

According to figures obtained from the Greeting Card Association (GCA), the public spends about £1.7 billion on greeting cards each year, buying more cards per person than any other nation. In a fiercely competitive…

Report 15 October 2020

Social Value Report 2020

The new Mitie Social Value Report 2020 celebrates the progress we have made over the past 12 months and sets out our targets for the next 5 years.

Article 24 September 2020

Fire Door Safety

Fire doors play a vital role in protecting life and property and It’s crucial we understand how to ensure our fire doors perform as needed. Our Fire Door Safety flyer answers the following FAQs:…

Article 15 September 2020

Mitie awards an extra day of holiday to more than 25,000 frontline heroes

Mitie’s frontline heroes have been working tirelessly to keep the UK running during the pandemic – cleaning supermarkets and hospitals; setting-up drive-in test centres and Nightingale Hospitals; and maintaining production lines in pharmaceutical plants. As a thank you for their efforts, Mitie has awarded an extra day of holiday to more than 25,000 frontline non-management colleagues to enable them to take some additional time out to rest and recuperate.

Press Release 15 July 2020

Mitie to share electric vehicle expertise with new Plan Zero Fleet Transition Service

As businesses across the country seek to set new ways of working, many are re-focusing on their net zero targets and supporting the nation’s green recovery. With transport generating the largest volume of CO2 in the UK, at 34% of the UK’s CO2 emissions*, transitioning to a zero-emission fleet is the obvious place to start.

Press Release 6 July 2020

Mitie to deliver Royal London Group’s first integrated FM contract

Mitie has secured a new integrated facilities management (IFM) contract with Royal London, the UK’s largest mutual life insurance, pensions and investment company. This is the first time Royal London has combined its FM services under one provider with an initial contract for five years, with the option to extend for an additional two years.

Video 1 July 2020

Be Aware of the Risk

As Covid-19 lock down restrictions are eased, the measures organisations should be considering in response to evolving threats e.g. increasing crime, terrorism.

Press Release 18 June 2020

Mitie steps-up energy and sustainability services with new appointment

Mitie has announced today that Pradyumna Pandit has been appointed to the newly created role of Managing Director of Sustainability and Energy Services. This hire builds on Mitie’s net zero and energy expertise and capabilities, as well as its Plan Zero commitment to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2025.

Press Release 17 June 2020

Mitie launches new service helping businesses reach Zero Carbon for Zero Cost

As the nation prepares to get Britain Back to Business and lockdown restrictions begin to ease, organisations across the UK are considering how they can prepare for a ‘new normal’ way of operating. To support those planning a return to workplaces, Mitie Energy has launched a new Zero Carbon for Zero Cost service to help businesses drive a green recovery, as part of its Plan Zero commitment to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2025.

Press Release 8 June 2020

Mitie accelerates Groupe PSA contract with £5.2m extension

Mitie has secured a two-year extension on its ten-year partnership with Groupe PSA, Europe’s second largest carmaker and producer of Peugeot, Citroën, DS Automobiles and Vauxhall brands. The contract is worth £5.2m across two years, with the possibility to extend for another two years.

Video 3 June 2020

Preparing COVID-19 aware working environments

Presented by Mitie’s Group QHSE Director, John Colley, this seminar explores the:
– Regulatory requirements prompted by the Coronavirus outbreak
– Measures organisations must consider for the health, safety and wellbeing of people as they return to workplaces

Article 21 May 2020

Mitie’s positive legacy

Our vision is to lead the facilities management industry in creating social value through everyday operations, leaving a lasting legacy for the communities in which we work. Our mission is to consider ways in…

Article 22 April 2020

Today is Earth Day

As the world, quite rightly, focuses on the health and economic crisis that is arising from COVID-19, Earth Day provides a vital reminder that we must not overlook the climate crisis.

Article 20 April 2020

COVID-19: Keeping our communities safe

Across the country, our security teams are ensuring buildings are kept safe, secure and ready to reopen when social distancing measures are eased.

Case study 7 April 2020

COVID-19: Supporting schools, parents and pupils

Although many schools have closed in response to COVID-19, Mitie continues to provide services, including cleaning, catering, caretaking, grounds maintenance, pest control and waste management to over 100 schools across the UK that have remained open for vulnerable children and children of key workers.

Whitepaper 20 March 2020

Business as Usual

Why you need Risk & Resilience plans & how to create them.

It is impossible to plan for every eventuality that may befall your business. But having a range of key plans in place to deal with major incidents will ensure your business continues to operate as efficiently as possible.

Press Release 11 March 2020

Mitie comments on electric vehicle commitments in Spring 2020 Budget

Simon King, Director of Sustainability and Social Mobility, said: “As one of the largest private sector electric vehicle fleets in the UK, it’s gratifying that the Chancellor has heard our calls for improved rapid charge point infrastructure and financial reforms to support the electric car and van market.

Case study 2 February 2020

Intelligence in the capital: An Extinction Rebellion Case Study

In October 2019, the climate change activist group Extinction Rebellion planned a mass-mobilisation on an unprecedented scale. It was a well-resourced, highly-coordinated community that planned to descend upon London with the objective to “shut down Westminster”.

Case study 2 February 2020

Sky – a ‘One Team’ ethos

Signature and Sky have always promoted a ‘One Team’ ethos – this partnership culture has been a fundamental to delivering an exceptional visitor experience.

Case study 2 February 2020

Integrated facilities management: Aerospace manufacturer

Our client wished to see our facilities managers take a more hands-on role in the day-to-day running of the contract. In response we adopted a Unitary Management model. This has empowered our people, allowing them to deliver services more quickly and efficiently to our client.

Case study 2 February 2020

Aston Martin Red Bull Racing

To improve Red Bull Racing’s working environment and reduce energy consumption, Mitie undertook a comprehensive Building Use Survey to evaluate occupant usage.

Case study 2 February 2020

Solar panel installation

With an expanding estate, this higher education provider had identified the need to make significant savings in their utility consumption.

Case study 2 February 2020

Mitie HQ, The Shard – Workplace Design and Relocation

Mitie’s strategic and operational staff were dispersed across three London office locations. To operate as “One Mitie” it was decided to consolidate into a single location, reducing square footage whilst improving utilisation and building user satisfaction.

Case study 2 February 2020

The Scottish Parliament

We provide planned preventative maintenance, reactive maintenance, small project works, general cleaning, housekeeping and nightshift cleaning for The Scottish Parliament.

Whitepaper 2 February 2020

Know your enemy

A brief guide to Counter Terrorism and Implementing Unpredictability.

Case study 2 February 2020

Global telecoms services provider: A shared passion for exceptional service

This organisation is one of the world’s leading telecoms and technology service providers. Over the past nine-years we have shared the challenges of an ever-changing consumer marketplace, the evolution of the facilities and property management industry, and increasing commercial pressure.

Case study 2 February 2020

Integrated utilities solution

A national high street bank wished to realise cost efficiencies by fully outsourcing their energy and sustainability services.

Report 2 February 2020

Social Value Report 2018/19

We take great pride in our contribution to life in the UK and Ireland; over the last two years we have strived to place social value at the heart of our agenda.

Case study 2 February 2020

Vodafone – achieving World Class accreditation

Vodafone required a single service partner that delivers an integrated front of house service demonstrating convergence, innovation and a flexible approach to constantly changing business needs. Vodafone.

Case study 2 February 2020

Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

Rampton Hospital is one of three high security hospitals in England and forms part of the Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust. Providing a maintenance service within this environment presents a unique challenge with many of the complexities of an acute hospital combined with the security measures of a high security environment.

Case study 2 February 2020

Linklaters – a strong partnership and unified approach

Our relationship with Linklaters started in 2001. From the outset, Mitie and Linklaters developed a strong partnership and unified approach, successfully TUPE’ing 20 in-house reprographics employees. At the same time, both parties recognised it was essential to rapidly demonstrate an enhanced service and to raise the internal perception of the department.

Case study 2 February 2020

Environmental compliance

Like most businesses, this High Street Bank is subject to rising energy costs and was therefore looking for ways to reduce energy consumption, to save money, stay competitive and reduce carbon emissions from their built estate.

Case study 2 February 2020

Queen Margaret University

The university’s large campus comprises a number of different types of buildings and facilities, all of which are in need of ongoing maintenance and repair to ensure they continue to provide the best possible learning and living environments for students and staff.

Case study 2 February 2020

National hotel operator: 22% saving on gas and electricity

Faced with an annual utility spend of over £40m, and the backdrop of commodity and non-commodity charges forecast to increase over coming years, a major UK hotel operator wanted support in tendering their gas and power supply contracts.

Case study 2 February 2020

Northumberland Tyne & Wear Solutions Ltd

The services we provide include mechanical and electrical building services maintenance, building fabric maintenance, statutory inspection and testing and lifecycle project works.

Case study 2 February 2020

Recycling excellence with Parkdean Resorts

Parkdean Resorts is the largest holiday park operator in the UK – they needed an innovative Waste Management Provider that could manage their entire estate.

Case study 2 February 2020

Utilities optimisation

A large professional services firm, with a commitment to grow and operate in a sustainable way, wished to reduce their energy consumption.

Article 2 February 2020

Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust

Mitie delivers hard facilities management services to the Trust’s 34 sites. We have delivered these services for the past 18 years, with very little turnover of staff, providing extensive site knowledge and excellent client relationships. We provide all estate maintenance services throughout the portfolio, including Ashworth, Rathbone and Mosley Hill Hospitals, and Residential Homes.

Case study 2 February 2020

Integrated energy solution

A major energy user in the telecoms sector was facing significant pressures from rising utilities costs, whilst also looking to reduce their environmental impact.

Article 2 February 2020

Mitie Defence Playbook

Within the pages of the Defence Playbook we will explore how Mitie goes about the business of facilities management.

Case study 2 February 2020

Derby City Council

The service we provide for Derby City Council includes all aspects of mechanical maintenance across this portfolio, including statutory inspections, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

Case study 2 February 2020

Bank of England – protecting the world’s 8th largest bank

As the world’s 8th largest bank holding priceless assets, The Bank of England required a corporate security provider to protect its high security environment and List X buildings, working in collaboration with the in-house security team.

Report 2 February 2020

Digital Transformation: is Facilities Management ready?

Download our report to help cut through the noise in the market, benchmark yourself against your peers and make more informed decisions about your facilities management and corporate real estate strategy and the role digital transformation might play in it.

Article 2 February 2020

Planning for the next power outage

Lee Stokes, head of sustainability solutions & innovation for Mitie Energy, looks back at August’s UK-wide power outage and reveals how businesses can build resilience should the worst happen. On the evening of Friday…

Case study 2 February 2020

The Scottish Government

We have worked with the Scottish Government since 2007. There are currently 170 dedicated members of Mitie staff on the Scottish Government contract including management, helpdesk, maintenance and cleaning operatives.

Article 2 February 2020

From tiny seeds grow mighty trees

Many companies are now investing are investing in ‘biophilic design’ By Michael Roskams While this saying may seem synonymous with child development, it also relates to the impact that nature can have on us…

Video 2 February 2020

Connected Workspace in action

Showcasing Mitie’s Connected Workspace at The Shard, our feature video demonstrates just some of the benefits of Connected Workspace in office environments.

Case study 2 February 2020

Wilko – aligned values

We managed to successfully transfer and integrate 127 in-house security officers, some of whom had been working for the Wilko family for over 20 years.

Video 2 February 2020

Introducing Connected Workspace

Hear from Phil Bentley, David Cooper, Simon Venn and John Wright as they provide insight on how and why Connected Workspace increases the performance of buildings and the wellbeing and performance of the people within them.

Report 2 February 2020

The Living Lab

Can our working environment improve our productivity? How about our emotional wellness? Could workspaces designed for these factors improve the bottom line? These are the questions we asked ourselves in the Living Lab initiative…

Company News 2 February 2020

HMRC – technology-led security services

Mitie Security have been chosen to provide technology-led security services to Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) over a five-year period to provide intelligence and technology-led services at a number of its sites across the UK.

Brochure 2 February 2020

Mitie Energy – Brochure

Find out how Mitie Energy can unlock independently-verified average savings of 13%, with guaranteed savings of 10% with zero capex investment for your organisation.

Article 2 February 2020

Is employee wellbeing a waste of time?

Over the past few years, we’ve seen dozens of column inches devoted to health and wellbeing, the latest workplace obsession. Conversations on the topic have dominated seminars, podcasts and the press in almost every sector.

Case study 2 February 2020

Argos – an evolving relationship

Following several years of great partnership, VSG (a Mitie company) were approached about outsourcing the in-house Security Solutions Team and locating them at one central location.

Company News 2 February 2020


For IKEA, Mitie offers a range of security services on sites across the UK including manned guarding, gate duties, vehicle and individual searches, and managing the security control room.

Press Release 11 December 2019

FMs missing out on digital transformation

New research from Mitie has shown that almost half (48%) of Facilities Managers (FMs) are missing out on the benefits of digital transformation by not adopting new technology.

Press Release 24 July 2019

Mitie launches new initiatives to support the armed forces community

Mitie is furthering its commitment to veterans, reservists and families of those working in the armed forces, by launching a series of new initiatives focused on supporting these employees and pledging to recruit more individuals from the armed forces community.

Press Release 15 July 2019

Mitie awarded five-year multi-service FM contract with SIG

Mitie has been awarded a five-year multi-service facilities management contract with SIG plc, a leading European supplier of specialist building materials. Under the contract, Mitie will provide engineering, front of house and mail services.

Press Release 25 June 2019

Mitie cleans up with Cleveland Fire Brigade

Mitie has won a new contract to provide cleaning services across 16 of Cleveland Fire Brigade’s sites, including 14 fire stations plus its fire control room which handles all 999 emergency calls for the area’s firefighting team.

Press Release 21 May 2019

Mitie brings Pride to Birmingham’s bus stops

For the second year running, Mitie has donated its time and services to WMCA to help get the city in the Pride spirit by transforming bus shelters and signs with a rainbow upgrade.

Press Release 18 March 2019

Mitie boosts engineering leadership with two new appointments

Mitie today announces two new appointments in Engineering Services and Integrated Facilities Management (IFM). Kerry Sheehan will become Managing Director of Mobile Engineering and Kath Fontana will fill a new role as Managing Director of Strategic Accounts, Public Sector and Critical Infrastructure.